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How Movement Heals The Nervous System

September 26, 2018
As with most systems and organs of the body, movement serves multiple purposes. Beyond locomotion, movement plays a crucial role in digestion, circulation, respiration, metabolism, and sensory awareness.
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Connection: On Feeling Seen, Heard & Accepted

August 23, 2018
Not many would dispute social connections can bring happiness and help us live longer and more fulfilling lives. There are numerous studies looking into just how big of an effect they can have. One meta-analysis across 148 studies (308,849 participants) found benefits comparable to giving up smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
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The Built Environment Affects Us Far More Than We Are Aware Of

July 11, 2018
For the past 70 years, there has been a whole host of science that shows that the way we build anything, whether that be a gazebo in a park or a massive multi-building school campus, has drastic influences on our wellbeing.
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Nature isn't just nice... it's necessary

June 8, 2018
Over the last 40 years, a huge body of evidence has begun to accumulate that spending time in nature isn’t a luxury or just a nice diversion; it is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body and healthy emotions.
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