Our Purpose

Authentic Friendship & Deep Community Ties For All

There's a noticeable lack of places that neuro-diverse individuals and families can go to truly relax, feel accepted and create deep community ties.

We're fixing that.
A camping weekend @ our temporary campground

Creating Places Where Neurodiverse People Can Feel Accepted, Appreciated & Needed

Through our events & eventual retreat center, we enable the neuro-diverse community to find their people, feel accepted and genuinely belong.

There's room out there for more than one neurotype in the world. We're a part of making that vision a reality.

The Need

Neuro-Diverse People Are Often Lonely, Ostracized And Not Accepted... And It's Literally Killing Them

"When I was growing up, I spent most of my time playing video games in my room because I didn't have many friends", says Danny Raede, CEO of Asperger Experts & Director of Acceptance. "I wanted friends, but it was really hard to connect with people because I was so awkward."

It's something that we've seen a lot in the world these days. Folks with neuro-diverse issues such as Asperger's, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, etc want to be able to connect with the people around them, but because they don't understand social norms and have an inability to regulate their stress response, they get overwhelmed, act out and get ostracized.

Then the loneliness sets in.

We think that the epidemic of loneliness, especially in the neuro-diverse community, is one of the most understated health crises of the modern era. The science is very clear: Loneliness is deadlier than obesity, worse than smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and a major contributor toward depression, anxiety and general mental health decline.

When you ask families and individuals with neuro-diverse issues what their main issues stem from, to absolutely no surprise you'll find they are issues of, or directly related to lonliness.

Being a part of a community where you are accepted, needed and appreciated isn't only nice, it is medically necessary.

Special Needs Parents Are At A High Risk Of Developing PTSD

Now let's add in the fact that the parents of people with neuro-diverse issues are themselves often feeling lonely and isolated, and the fact that they never get a break and have a tremendous amount of pressure on them, and you get the "wonderful" fact that special needs parents are at an insanely high risk of developing PTSD or PTSD like symptoms.

We also need to look at the fact that most neuro-diverse issues (such as Autism) tend to run in families. So if you are a special needs parent, you have challenge on top of challenge on top of challenge. With added pressure and stress.

We've heard from thousands of families saying that it is hard for them to find anywhere to truly relax and connect with others because they constantly have to both monitor their kids behavior and keep their own emotions in check.

It's time to change that.

Everyone Deserves To Feel Accepted. We're Building A Campus To Make That A Reality.

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