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Author: James Lee Gibbs

James Lee Gibbs has been on a journey of self-discovery since learning he was autistic at the age of 32. Previously, life felt like a futile practice of survival. Always struggling to feel "good enough." After learning about the neurodiversity paradigm, James threw himself into the study of psychology, the practice of mindfulness, stoicism, and works of authors like Brené Brown, Alfie Kohn, and Manuel J Smith. Together this has transformed his quality of life, and been pivotal in creating a home oriented around love and acceptance with his wife and two children. James studied Computer Science and Information Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology while continuing to work on animations that he started in high school. Unfortunately, without the self-awareness and practices acquired in more recent years he returned to his home town in upstate New York before completing his undergraduate degree. He has worked as a professional Software Engineer for 12 years. He also has participated in several Seattle-area Game Jam events. He spends time among communities like AE+ by Asperger Experts hoping to promote acceptance and advocate for neurodivergent individuals. He enjoys any combination of time with his family, nature, researching psychology, or playing & designing games.

Connection: On Feeling Seen, Heard & Accepted

Not many would dispute social connections can bring happiness and help us live longer and more fulfilling lives. There are numerous studies looking into just how big of an effect they can have.  One meta-analysis across 148 studies (308,849 participants) found benefits comparable to giving up smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Not every social connection…