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Author: Danny Raede

Danny Raede is the CEO & Co-Founder of Asperger Experts, the world's largest community & training platform for parents & people on the autistic spectrum, with a global reach of over half a million people each day. Having been diagnosed with Asperger's himself at age 12, Danny inspires, educates and provides much needed guidance to those struggling to live in a world that is, quite literally, painful to them. He serves as Director on the board of Acceptance, guiding the ultimate vision and helping create a place where people can finally feel truly accepted, connected and at peace. In his free time he enjoys walking in nature, researching the intersection of architecture & psychology, and eating tacos. Lots of tacos.

It’s all fake, and all I want is for it to be real

It’s rare that I have a genuine, real human connection. To me, 99% of the time, it seems fake. People ask how are you, but they don’t actually want to know. They are afraid of expressing their actual humanity, and push you down when you try to express yours. They ask “Hows the weather” when…

The Built Environment Affects Us Far More Than We’re Aware Of

What if I told you that there was a method & philosophy that, when applied properly, results in increases in health, wealth & happiness across the board? Sure, there are a lot of different things that do that, but what I’m talking about today is architecture. Specifically, designing built environments that are intentionally created to…